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"Jenni is a master what she does and the methods she's using, coaching and RTT, are super powerful and she is incredibly intuitive, loving and very experienced.  I wanted to release some old limiting beliefs and we worked on the subconscious to get to the root what was happening and then changed it. Now, the way the world responds me has shifted really powerfully and the ways that are super noticeable!"

When I sought help from Jenni I was feeling blocked in my ability to attract the perfect joyful work for myself, as well as material abundance. I was curious about hypnotherapy and decided to work with Jenni because of her integrity and passion. I’m so glad I did because the experience was very deep and transformative. I believe that the issues and blockages I dealt with in the session have finally been released from me and are gone for good. I am so grateful, and now feel very energized and hopeful about creating all the circumstances I desire in my life.” - Nancy
— Nancy

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“Working with Jenni just a short period of time has been life changing for me. She is incredibly intuitive. She took me through a hypnosis/meditation process where she asked me a series of questions, pointing out unhealthy patterns I have been replaying over and over again in my life. I was able to heal that part of myself that just didn’t want to let go of the unhealthy beliefs. I am now looking at it with a completely different perspective. It’s as if my blinders have been lifted. I am grateful to be working with such a gifted coach.”
— Stephanie