Welcome to Art of Visualization Workshop

Thank you for signing up!

I’m super excited to get to teach you how you can use your mind and visualization tools to connect, create and manifest your real desires true.

Before you watch the workshop you will want to gather the materials necessary to create your vision board.

If you want to do the vision board for example in Pinterest, that’s a good option too. The main thing is to make your visions visual and tangible.


There are couple of options available to you for this:

Clip images from magazines, papers and brochures (the most used way for creating a board).

  • Draw your vision board if you are feeling artsy (I’ll help you with ideas for what to draw).

  • A combination of both in collage form: text, images, paint, color - however you feel like doing it.

Some people have 4 images in their vision board, some has 20, and that’s fine.

Feel free to get as creative as you wish to when putting the board together - there are no limits or rules with creativity!


  • Thick sheet of paper (A3 or even bigger), glue, tape and scissors.

  • A big pile of different magazines - these can be old and of all different kinds. It doesn’t matter if the magazine is not your cup of tea, you can find relevant images from any magazine. For example you may not find all kind of images you need from fashion magazines.

  • Clip the images before the workshop. It would be great for you to have  from 10 - 30 images ready.

Here’s how to find “right” kind of images:

Flip through magazines without thinking about it too much. Don’t read too much of the magazine but if you find an affirmation/ quote/text you like, cut it out.

When an image catches your eye, again cut it out. If you know what you are looking for, just wait until you find it. Don’t worry about the details too much though, it’s a good enough image if it somehow intuitively resonates with you. For example, if the woman in the pic doesn’t look like you at all, it’s fine. Or the color is not exactly how you want your dream house to be but otherwise it looks exactly like that, then it’s all good.

If you have no idea what it is that you want, you don’t need to know, just browse through different kinds of magazines, from business to gardening, and cut out what you like, keep it simple. Trust that your intuition guides you.

Once you have everything outlined above then you are ready to start the workshop.

Don’t forget your notebook, pen and a nice cup of something you like to drink.

Enjoy the journey towards your future desires!

All the best, Jenni

Watch the virtual workshop here: