Do you want to… 

Create a big beautiful vision for your life?

Learn the techniques how to manifest your real desires and hidden dreams?

Get unstuck and finally know what it is that you really, truly want next in life?


Connect with your authentic heart-based desires and get to know what you really want and learn how to use visualization to make it all real. 

The more you lack clarity on what you want next in your life, the more you procrastinate, feel frustrated and struggle with your situation. Start leading your life towards your visions; learn how to manifest and connect with your deepest desires; and magnetize your visions by creating your vision board. A vision board is collage representing things you would like to attract to your life.

Your real desires and visions can come true when you stop to see them, feel them and start to fully believe in them.


In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to connect with your deepest desires and know what you want.

  • To use your inner power, mind and emotions, to activate the subconscious and get the energy flowing.

  • Visualization techniques that will help you accomplish your goals and desires.

  • Daily alignment habits to let go of time pressure, uncertainties, and to trust the unknown.

  • How to create a vision board and create one during the workshop.

  • Experience a transformational meditation helping you to deeply connect with your desires and create the next steps to achieving your goals.


You'll leave the workshop with a clear vision and goals for the next steps. Plus you will have created your vision board, your divine road map, that will act as a map for you. 

When you know your why, your purpose, and when you understand the limitless possibilities to creating and doing the things that you truly love, you will tap into the passion that drives you, elevates you and excites you every day.

After this online workshop taking external action will be effortless, as you know your vision and will have the tools to manifest and lead yourself towards your real desires.

When you buy the workshop, you will receive an email outlining what you will need to create your vision board.


About Jenni 

Jenni helps her clients to know what they really want, create a clear vision of the future and reach their desires with ease and grace. She is a Clarity Coach and Rapid Transformation Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and a Reiki Master. Over the years she's been using vision boards, visualization techniques, and the power of the subconscious mind to help make many of her own dreams come true. In this workshop she’s sharing why it’s so crucial for you to know what you want and learn to take control of the path of your life. You will learn both practical ways and manifestation techniques to start creating your reality from the inside out. Plus why it’s crucial to your happiness to grow your awareness and learn simple ways to improve your wellbeing and prosperity, and start creating your life consciously on your own terms.

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