Private 1:1 Clarity Coaching 

This might be for you if...

you achieved a lot, done a lot and lived a busy life. You might feel that something is missing and is not in balance. The goal or dream that you were after does not satisfy you anymore. From outside it can look like your life is well sorted and things are pretty good, but you feel differently... 

Maybe there is frustration, boredom, comfortable numbness… you are missing drive, enthusiasm, excitement, confidence or connection with yourself. 

It could be it is hard for you to enjoy of your own achievements, you can't appreciate it because you can feel it, praise yourself and still daily life feels boring. All this easily creates a cycle that you feel you have to do more, achieve more and you blame yourself that you can't be happy as you feel nothing is enough.

This all drive anyone to exhaustion and create all kind of pain, habits, suffering, negative feelings, self-sabotage, blame and for sure, stress with its side effects.

It can be hard to fight against yourself and try to make those changes happen when you don't understand why you can't do it and get the success and happiness you are longing after and have capabilities for. Maybe you have done everything you can, but you feel stuck, lack clarity and don’t know anymore what's your place in this world.

If some part of you still believe there is something more meaningful in life and you haven't yet used your full potential or followed your passion - explored life as it should be explored. If feels like real happy life would be still waiting for you, your dreams and your ideas are not leaving you alone.

I work with smart women, leaders, changemakers, creators, business builders, entrepreneurs and successful influencers who want to make a big impact in the world. 

This is what we do together...

Together we take big leaps. It means we shift the energy and mindset, break the habits and beliefs that are not serving you anymore and create new, supporting ones. I help you to connect with your inner genius, and create those powerful visions and intentions that are often missing.

You will start taking steady steps towards your visions. I help you to find you “why” and “how”, which is the way to find real motivation, commitment and joy that success requires. Then it happens fast.

The uniqueness with my work is that I have a wide range of skills and I use multiple modalities with all my programs: transformational coaching, hypnotherapy (Rapid Transformation Therapy), energy work, mindfulness, powerful techniques but mostly, we talk and have conversations and shift your thinking.

Is it your time for you to take your next big leap? 

You know it’s an inner work thing, requiring personal growth, and you are ready to do the work. 

Watch Kristine's Testimonial about the 2-month Clarity Coaching


Here are some examples what typically happens to people when they work with me:

  • They get over the stressful time and/or transition
  • Boost their happiness, self-confidence, self-respect and acceptance
  • Feel less stress and worries - live present life
  • Find a new job or start a new career or business
  • Meet the love of their life or improve their relationships
  • Learn to be strategic, organized and goal-oriented - no more overwhelm. 
  • Change their thinking, behavior and habits
  • Learn how to relax
  • Feel grounded, know how and when to say yes or no
  • Create new healthy and daily routines that help them to sleep, get things done and feel empowered
  • Found the root cause of the issue, release past trauma or stiff patterns for good
  • Learn how to communicate and express themselves
  • Believe they are worthy and deserve to have everything what they want
  • Wane depression and anxiety - have more energy
  • Find the courage, let go limiting beliefs 
  • Learn about mindful living, meditation & mindfulness
  • Manage their time better, have tools for planning and visualizing and how to use the power of the mind
  • Connect with their creativity: accomplish new ideas, do the first art exhibition, start writing, photographing, new hobbies
  • Find their passion and purpose - authenticity
  • Learn the matter of free will and choice: how to create happiness


  • Your personal toolbox that includes tools how to lead your life and get over obstacles with less stress and worries
  • A crystal clear, powerful vision for your life - you have direction, big authentic desires & positive expectations
  • Found the missing piece - the feeling of fulfillment and meaning
  • The balance: emotionally, physically and mentally
  • Set yourself free from the old patterns and blockages that kept you stuck
  • Changed your habits and thinking that has changed everything
  • Learned how to feel good about yourself
  • Accomplished the goals we set and you know how to move forward on your own
  • The understanding what success requires 
  • Do better choices

Simply, you have positively changed every aspect of your life. you feel clearer, lighter and free to move forward towards your goals and desires.

You get access to all my resources; my wide knowledge from business coaching to holistic healing, deep transformational coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy.

All the private coaching programs are tailor-made to serve you and help you to grow - it's all about you. What we do, depends on what you need and want. To talk about how we could work together, schedule a call with me.