Do You Constantly Hit Your Upper Limits?

Last week I shared the list of six books that are helping us to overcome the inner barriers and see things differently so that we can grow in all areas of life.

One of them was Gay Hendricks' book The Big Leap in which he talks about "upper limit problems" that are our inner glass ceilings often holding us from reaching out our Zone of Genius...

What is the Zone of Genius?

Simply put the Zone of Genius is the area of life where you are shining and doing what you absolutely love, and you can use all of your gifts and talents. Usually, you get into a flow mode when you are operating in your genius.

We all have our unique genius, but most people have no idea what it is for them. I can relate, it wasn't clear to me either, for a very long time. It’s a bit funny that we don’t know it as it's a foundation of happiness, success, energy and all the good in our lives… I think this should be taught in school.

The other three areas are called the Zone of InCompetence (things that are not your cup of tea), the Zone of Competence (things you can do and be good at are not that exciting) and the Zone of Excellence (success, challenging to get there but in the long run, you feel bored and living on an autopilot).

Upper limit problems occur when we are making changes and expanding towards the new. They are self-limiting stories, subconscious beliefs, and repeating patterns that can quickly sabotage our success, happiness, wealth, and relationships if they are triggered and if we are not seeing them and are not aware of them. 

He calls it inner thermometer. When the heat rises the meter blows. I often talk about them as the inner glass ceiling. 

You might see through the glass where you want to go and what you want. But there is something invisible in you that blocks the way, and you can't move forward, even you try. When a big moment of taking the step towards the goal comes, somehow you just fail or something bad happens. It's so painful. 

That is the subconscious pattern preventing you from greater success and happiness and protecting you from failure. We get scared.

"It was not for me", "I can't do this", "It's too difficult""This always happens to me." Many people give up too soon.. When the problems come, then it's time to learn and move on. 

It's about fear of happiness, fear of success or fear of failure. Often I see when someone's life is not flowing, growing and they feel stuck, bored or unsatisfied and that has been going for a while. They will start sabotaging it by all kind of: problem creating, diseases and obstacles - of-course subconsciously. Problems with money, career, relationships, health, accidents, continuous stress, and addictions…If you recognise yourself in this kind of cycle, you want to break it.

Our mind doesn't like the changes, and earlier harmful experiences have created that safety zone, that we would rather stay in, than take a risk and try to do it again. Relationships are a great example. Commitments are always risky but the rewards are great, right? And a good relationship with others and with ourselves requires constant care, growth, awareness, and communication.

My client hired me to help her get clarity, find her true potential and creativity and feel confident and connected with herself again. She was successful in her career but she didn’t find the lifestyle satisfying anymore. She didn't know exactly what kind of job she wanted next but she wanted changes and to do it differently this time. We got clear on what kind of life and job she really wanted.

Last week she signed the agreement with a new company. It’s the kind of work she loves doing most and because of the job, she will move to Europe with her family. They get a real fresh start, to travel more and see places with the kids like she wanted. New opportunities and adventures for everyone. It was everything she had desired and it happened in the most unexpected of ways.

Still, she wasn't able to feel happy about it. There were what ifs and doubt for sure. If she negotiated enough and so forth. She got into an argument with her husband, while they could be celebrating.

She hit her inner glass ceiling. Her dreams and desires were coming true like she had wanted.

I asked her to turn it all the other way round. How much more abundance the move would bring her. We listed it all and actually with the bonuses she would be able to make more than she did before. As she loves the job, the possibilities are great. The move would get her closer to her husband like she had wanted - it was already happening.

When she realised what was happening and how it was all based in fears and resistance, the unnecessary worries and fears started to release and she found the joy.



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With love and gratitude,