How to reach that peak (your goals and dreams)

Climbing to a big mountain cannot be done in one day. It requires practice, good planning and excellent physical shape. Not forgetting the team and all the equipment. It requires the right kind of mindset, courage, motivation and faith it would be possible.

After all the planning has been done, the first phase of the actual climbing can be begun. You need to stop to get used to the thin air and wait until you are ready to proceed again. If it doesn’t feel right and the weather conditions are too dangerous, you have to postpone or call off the trip, as you don’t want to threat your life. 

Reaching out the peak requires patience and good nerves. Ability to listen and follow your instincts. It raises fears and requires stepping out from the comfort zone along the way.

Despite the danger people want to do it. Because it’s fun, exciting and it's possible to exceed the limits, make a dream true and experience something new and mind-blowing. And what’s makes the most of the trip, is the overall excursion - the peak maybe the goal but it wouldn’t be perfect without the preparations and landing. And it certainly leads to somewhere new.  

Not everyone want to climb the mountains. We all have different dreams and desires, skills and specialities. Even though there would be tons of people doing the same thing, you have your own individual gifts and lot of to give. So don’t waste your time - you are needed. Here I list the things you need in order reach the peaks that are important for you. 

But before you continue reading, stop to think for a moment:

What are you dreaming of? What would make you happy now? Write down the first thing that came to your mind. 

In order to make any kind of goals real you need to follow the same formula than the mountain climber:

  • Choose a dream or goal you want to achieve. It can be big or small.
  • Meditate and visualize it with tiniest details - see yourself at a goal and feel it in your bones. Feel how happy you are in that place. Even though it would feel crazy right now, trust in that small voice in your head. Own your dream. 
  • Create ideas what you need to do, learn or know to start to make it happen. Create a lot of ideas, more than you can (creative ideas come after the obvious ideas, so keep going).
  • Split it all to small tasks - make a list.
  • Schedule, plan and prioritize the tasks. 
  • Follow the plan, start from the easiest tasks to grow your courage on your new path.
  • Along the way motivate yourself by going back to the original intuitive feeling of what you will achieve when you get to your goal. 
  • When you are facing doubts or challenges, stop to see and feel deeply if it does feel right. Go back to original gut feeling if it does. 
  • If it doesn’t feel right, change the course but remember our ego like to raise fears and resistance as it don’t like the changes. The fear can guide you to the right direction, so be willing to look what is causing your fears.
  • Don’t rush or push to make it happen. Be patient and trust, you have set your intentions. Have faith, you’ll get there.
  • You can cut inspiring images to remind you of you big dream and activate your subconscious mind.
  • Create positive affirmations to keep your mindset open and positive.
  • Even though your goal is in the future, concentrate on the small steps and tasks you created. It is the is what makes the most of it.

Creating the life you want requires your efforts. Sometimes we stray to think happy things are achieved by luck.  Sometimes we wonder why the neighbor seems to get it all.

This is your life, do what you love and do it often (The Holstee manifesto has been my great inspiration). 

Sometimes when people get what they have silently wished for they say, "Oh, I got so lucky." Then something goes wrong and ego whispers, “It was too good to be true.”

It is common that people are afraid of happiness. It can feel safer to keep the dreams unreachable. Because what happens after we reach what we truly desire? Well, more happiness.

It is possible to create more and more of positive cycles. Challenges and obstacles are meant to guide you, grow you and give you the right direction. You get what you give and what you want in all ways - you are the creator of your own life. 

I would love to know your thoughts or questions! What is preventing you or how did you make your dream true? Leave your comment below. 

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With love, Jenni