Do you think Affirmations are not Working for you?

Affirmations are short statements of truth that you repeat to yourself over and over.

Their aim is to override old programming, to cancel out negative thought patterns and to set yourself free to live up to your potential and achieve what you want.  

When affirmations won’t work: 

  • You don’t really believe what you are saying to yourself.
  • There is a conflict between the affirmation and your belief system.
  • You use negative or a future-oriented tone in your affirmation, which is confusing to the mind.
  • You are not aware of, or paying attention to, your mind’s objections (resistance).
  • There is a deep, subconscious block that is powerfully resisting the changes you desire.

The good news is, affirmations can and do work. 

They are a fantastic way to increase self-belief, courage and to expand all areas of your life.  

Here’s one example of an empowering affirmation: Only love, abundance, time, and success comes into my sphere.

Make affirmations work for you:

  • The mind lives in the present - that’s the power of the now, always connect with your body and mind and how you feel in the now.
  • Create affirmations that are meaningful for you right now: “I am finding my dream job now.” (be sure to define your dream job first :)) 
  • Use clear, authoritative positive and present commands: I feel, I can, I have, I am… 
  • Use and create the affirmations that resonate with you and your personal situation. For example: “I’m good enough” doesn’t mean anything if you haven’t clarified the meaning and the reason behind it.
  • Talk to your mind in the third person: “You can write a brilliant self-help book, Jenni.”
  • Repeat the affirmations consistently and daily, and combine them with visualization by using your imagination. Eventually you’ll exhaust your mind and the visualization will become a blueprint for you to step into.
  • Be aware of how you feel and the thoughts you have as you use your affirmations. 
  • Repeat the affirmations in the morning and evening, just before bedtime, while your subconscious is receptive (this is why we do morning meditations). I often hear myself repeating my affirmations while I sleep.
  • Write out your affirmations - I love using post-its. When you see your affirmations in your phone and journal them out every day they become more effective and your mind accepts the new statements of truth.
  • Say the affirmations out loud. Repeat them on the go, teach your mind to believe new thoughts and see new images.

A Simple Exercise to Strengthen Your Affirmations

There are many different ways to help the mind access and believe your affirmations. Here's one simple exercise, which also reveals your limiting beliefs, to help create personal and effective affirmations.

  • Write out the affirmation as a statement. 
  • Get quiet and write out all the objections your mind comes up with. Why it’s not possible? Is it really true?
  • Keep going until there aren't any objections coming up.
  • This is the way how your mind learns to accept it. 

If you see a pattern in your objections and something is repeating itself, then you become aware of your limiting belief and can release it.

Releasing these objections allows you to start using your affirmations successfully. 

No need to analyze or understand these objections more deeply. It’s enough that you have let the objections out and that’s the way to release them. You will often realize as they come to the surface that they are not true. 

Talk to your mind, it always does what you want it to do.  

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With love and gratitude,