How to beat procrastination and get things done with ease

Do you often hear yourself saying "I have to…," "I should…," "I must…," or "I need to…"?

And then have you noticed that you just don't do whatever you are trying to command yourself to do (THE IMPORTANT things that would take you towards your desires such as applying for a new job, writing the proposal, cleaning, exercising, taxes, scheduling, bookkeeping, relationships, and so forth)?

The reason is that you say to yourself:

"I'll think about it later." or "This day is gone already; it's 2 P.M." or "I'll do it tomorrow." or "Nah, I just don't feel like it."

As you know, these things won't leave you alone, and they only make you feel worse about putting them off. The self-blame steps in, which makes you even more stuck and deepens the negative spin.

"What is wrong with me? Why can't I get this done? I don't have any willpower!" is what I often hear people asking.

It is procrastination, of course! The habit of having (negative) thoughts and emotions causes it, which then leads to unwanted actions.

I could tell you many stories of my "writer's block" when I have got all those boring things and errands done, except writing. No matter how much I wanted to write—and I really did—things turned out differently. Instead, I watched cat videos on Youtube and booked my dentist appointment.

I have also heard all kinds of explanations from my clients as to why they haven't done what they've sworn to do. It only tells me that when there's more work, some sort of unconscious emotional pattern is still active that overrules their desires.

Remember, it's no one's fault - emotions overrule the rational mind (willpower).

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All you need to do on daily basis is to remember your desires and your WHY:

I WANT TO _____ or I CHOOSE TO_______ this BECAUSE_______(finish the sentences).

Bring this reminder with you each day, and I guarantee that you will start making miracles. You will shift not only your mindset but also your energy levels. Once again, this is about quick access to happiness. This quick-fix will give you a new level of motivation.

You may still struggle with your personal glass ceiling or walls and feel that you can't understand and identify what you're trying to do. You also many not see what is holding you back. If so, I can help you with finding and releasing the root cause.

This week, I'm encouraging you to ask an important question about yourself: Why do you do the things you want to do?

Remember this: "For the first time, anything feels difficult or challenging. However, after a couple of times, it will be a lot easier, and then then fun starts."

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below! 

Much love, Jenni