The real reason why resolutions fail

How has your New Year started? Did you make big promises, visions and life goals?

I’m happy if you did as it’s a great way to make positive change things. 

You probably committed yourself to exercise more, save money, learn a new skill, land a new job and get that career going, manage your time or stress better, be healthier, change bad habits, improve relationships or you just wanted to become a better person.

In general, these things make us happier.

Nevertheless, it’s rare people can keep their resolutions.

Approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February.  


The common reasons why people fail to accomplish their goals and resolutions:

  • they set too high and unrealistic expectations (we can’t have everything at once and change faster than we can)
  • they are not explicit about their desires and goals (details and thinking is needed)
  • they don’t plan how to make it happen
  • they lack real motivation and commitment

These reasons are very logical. 

It’s painful to realize what you trying to do is not working. 

It can feel like you are standing in the way of your own happiness and success. Even strong willpower doesn’t work and it’s definitely not fun anymore.

The real reason why people fail accomplishing their goals is not based on logic. 

It's because your mind is wired to your old habits of thinking and behaving.

Your feelings and often unconscious emotional patterns always beat the logic and willpower.


That's what keeps you in your familiar, no matter it’s painful.

Your mind makes you believe that what you want is not for you, it keeps you repeating the old patterns and habits that are not making you happy anymore.

There might even be a stiff belief you are not able to change or deserving the new, happier life. And that's not true!

This is the reason why diets, saving or making more money or personal development plans, exercise programs and resolutions, in general, won’t work.

Successful resolutions require: 

  • gentle willpower
  • dedication 
  • a clear goal
  • consistency 
  • focusing on everyday “feel good about it” intentions
  • action - take small steps towards your goal on a daily basis and let go of the obsession with the end goal and outcome (enjoying today and doing it with ease and grace) 

Never stop believing and taking action. The real change begins within. 

What you want is available to you.

Do the work, get help and support from the others and keep going.
Day by day and step by step.  

Much love, Jenni

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